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3D MODELING – Western Lodge development

11.5 City lots in Downtown Steamboat Springs

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Creative minds wanted! This 11.5-city lot property is a developer’s dream come true, with the opportunity to build something spectacular and become part of the landscape of beautiful downtown Steamboat Springs.

Below are virtual renderings, showing just one of the conceptual ideas for what may be possible in this location. These images were created based on conversations with the City of Steamboat Springs Planning Department, and local zoning rules and regulations, but do not represent an approved development or plans. The Director of Steamboat Springs Economic Development also has extensive information regarding the Steamboat Springs economy, and how welcoming the Steamboat Springs community is for new business.

The sellers of this property have spent over 20 years in this location, during which time they have consolidated several lots into the current offering of one large parcel in a premier location. With the addition of the final lot to the parcel, in March 2018, the property now encompasses 11.5 city lots in the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs. The addition of the final lot to the property in March now provides full access from 12th Street and Oak Street, in addition to the Lincoln Avenue/Hwy. 40 frontage and access, giving the potential development opportunities new dimension.

Downtown Steamboat is primed for redevelopment in this location, with several different possibilities to fulfill desired niches that are not currently served in the area. There is not currently a nice boutique hotel in downtown Steamboat, and there is also a need for modern offices, among other options that could be vetted. The opportunity to enhance and beautify the downtown Steamboat Springs landscape and to become part of the legacy of this incredible Rocky Mountain resort town, while also exploring a development with excellent ROI potential makes this a truly unique and special offering.


*Virtual renderings shown and referenced here are an artist’s rendering of what could potentially go on this property and do not presently exist, do not represent an approved development or architectural plans, have not been approved by the City of Steamboat, and plans for the buildings shown in the renderings are not included with the purchase of the property. Any development is subject to City of Steamboat Springs approval.


The virtual renderings depicted on this page are based on the following hypothetical model and dimensions in order to create the images.

*These renderings and numbers are estimates used for the purposes of creating the virtual images base, and are not based on actual or existing architectural plans – they are purely hypothetical scenarios. These numbers are not exact. An architect will need to verify what is allowable per the City of Steamboat Springs.*


Mixed-use building with commercial spaces on the lower level, modern offices on the middle level and hotel rooms with Howelsen Hill views on the top level.

First floor footprint is approximately 240’ x 40’. Building is approximately 25,000sf. This model represents 8 units for commercial spaces. Number of modern offices and rooms would depend on the square footage of each.





3-Story mixed-use condominium/retail building with approximately 20,000sf. First floor footprint is approximately 180’ x 40’. Second and third floor footprints are approximately 180’ x 35’ each.

This model represents up to 13 commercial/retail units on the first floor, and up to 13 two-story condominium units on the second and third floors.





Underground garage with entrances from Oak Street and 12th Street. Hotel guests could also drive to underground parking using the bridge.





Behind 3-story hotel, with approximately 1000sf.

Soda Creek runs through the property…


Outdoor dining…





3-Story hotel on the existing foundation. Hotel building is approximately 30,000sf. The number of rooms would depend on many different factors: size of rooms, common area facilities, amenities, etc.


For the purposes of the virtual renderings and hypothetical scenario, we have also added hot tubs and a kids’ playground. The creek’s banks could also potentially be shored up in order to add walkways, benches and landscaping.








3D MODELING – Western Lodge development was last modified: December 5th, 2018 by Sunny Brstina