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South Routt Area

Homes for sale near Steamboat Springs CO

Search properties for sale Are Steamboat Springs home prices not in your affordable range? If the answer is yes, you might be interested in homes for sale near Steamboat Springs CO. Stay relatively close to World Class Skiing and everything Steamboat has to offer, at a price you can afford. Among many homes for sale near Steamboat Springs CO, you will find: single-family homes, land/acreage, large ranches and small 35-acre parcel subdivisions, waterfront properties.

The South Routt

The South Routt area is located about 25 miles from Steamboat Springs as you head south on Highway 131. This area contains Oak Creek, Phippsburg, Yampa, Toponas and rural properties between. These smaller communities have a history and tradition of mining and railroading. Many of towns are surrounded with National Forest. Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, river rafting are some of the very popular activities in these areas. The Flat Tops Wilderness area is easily accessible from the South Routt area. About 20 minutes from Steamboat Springs, you will find Stagecoach State Park. Stagecoach lake is amazing for fishing, boating, ice fishing. In South Routt, you will also find many interesting camping spots. These communities are served by South Routt School District RE-3. If you are considering purchasing or selling home, land, ranch near Steamboat Springs CO, please give me a call. Using our strategic and targeted marketing, I will make sure you receive the best service possible for any of your real estate needs.


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