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Mortgage Rates & Calculator

Whether you are buying your first home, selling an old one, or looking to refinance the loan on your current real estate property, a mortgage calculator can be a useful automated tool. There are 3 people who benefit from using mortgage calculators, and all in different ways.

Who Uses Mortgage Calculators
First there are users. These are people looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate and secure a home loan. Mortgage calculators enable users to: check current mortgage rates, estimate what your monthly mortgage payment on a specific property may be, and help you determine what the financial implications of changes in one or more variables in a mortgage financing arrangement mean

Then there are mortgage providers. These are the people who decide if users are financially secure for a specific loan. Mortgage providers use mortgage calculators to determine the financial stability and suitability of a home loan applicant.

Lastly, there are real estate agents. Realtors use mortgage calculators as tools at the start of any real estate transaction process. By using a mortgage calculator to estimate a reasonable and manageable price point, Realtors can ensure that their clients select real estate that is within their financial means.

How Mortgage Calculators Help
Overall, mortgage calculators can assist users with financial forecasting, budgeting, and ensuring that people live within their real estate means when seeking out their ideal real estate property.

Also, mortgage calculators are a way for everyone involved in the real estate transaction process-buyers and sellers, loan officers, and Realtors- to be on the same page with regard to finances.

If you are looking to use a mortgage calculator to get a handle on your finances before starting your real estate search, ask your Realtor for a referral or go online through your mortgage lender’s website.

Owning a home is a great investment and it is key to plan your mortgage payments ahead of time. Calculate your monthly mortgage using our free calculator below.

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DISCLAIMER: The information found in these calculators are to be used as a guide and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please schedule an appointment today to find out more information about your loan.

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