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Steamboat Springs houses for sale

Search Steamboat Springs houses for sale. Contact your local Steamboat Springs real estate expert. If you’re considering moving to the mountains, and specifically to Steamboat Springs, buying a single-family home, townhome or condominium will be more affordable than it is at nearly any other resort area in the Rocky Mountain west. I hope you will find this Steamboat Springs real estate website easy to navigate, while searching Steamboat Springs houses for sale.

Steamboat is a small town, but still has many neighborhoods that are quite different. What area would be the best for you, depends of your lifestyle, goals, and favorite activities. While searching Steamboat Springs houses for sale, there are many different factors, to consider: price range, neighborhood, HOA or no HOA, schools that are close, acreage, density, ect. Click here to search homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, CO.

For the beginning, there is a moving checklist!

  • Find and contact a moving company
  • Collect boxes and other suitable containers
  • Collect other packaging materials: markers, tape, utility knife, dolly, furniture pads
  • Notify associations and other organizations you are moving
  • Make a list of everyone who needs to be notified
  • Buy only what you have to, and try to use up whatever you can (frozen foods, canned foods, etc.)
  • Moving is almost never fun, but it’s a great way to “clean the house”. Consider having garage sale for all unwanted clothes, toys, furniture.
  • Arrange for a bank account transfer
  • Arrange for transfer of your insurance policies to ensure coverage at your new home
  • Get phone number and address from your current doctor and dentist. Get copies of your records
  • Transfer school records from the local school district you are leaving
  • Cancel all utilities, newspaper, trash service, post office service
  • Provide forwarding address to companies that will need it
  • Transfer car registration, driver license
  • Cancel and existing memberships you will no longer use
  • Contact all utility companies needed (gas, electric, water, trash, cable) and arrange for the beginning of their services
  • Pets: ask about license regulations , vaccinations, plan for their transportation
  • Plan for special care needed for infants and children
  • Leave all the keys needed for a new tenant with your Realtor

If you have any questions about life in Steamboat Springs, or need any information about relocation, feel free to contact me.-970.846.1574

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