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Steamboat gondola – faster ride and more capacity

There are many reasons people want to move to Steamboat Springs. List of those reasons is getting bigger and bigger. Steamboat Springs is not a typical resort town. Some of the reasons many people want to move to Steamboat are:

  • Epic skiing
  • Great hiking and biking trails
  • Great schools
  • Many year-round activities
  • Great community
  • Ranching, etc.

Skiing just got better. Steamboat Ski Corp announced the construction of a new gondola in the summer of 2019. Construction is already happening. In 2017 ski area did some major upgrades as well, like replacing the haul rope, grips, hangers, terminal equipment and new control system was installed.

Ride time with new gondola will decrease from 12 minutes to less than 10 minutes, and capacity will increase by 38 percent. A total number of cars will increase to 137. More cabins and increased speed will allow the new gondola to move 1,000 more people up the mountain per hour.

  • Cabins: from 125 to 137, up 10 percent
  • Ride time: from 12 to less than 10 minutes, down 17 percent
  • Ride speed: from 5 to 6 meters per second, up 20 percent
  • Uphill capacity: from 2,600 to 3,600 people per hour, up 38 percent

Mentioned upgrades and construction of the new gondola are just some of the planned improvements in Steamboat Springs. The ski area has big plans for the future of Steamboat Springs ski area.

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