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Real Estate News

Steamboat Springs CO Real Estate

Stay updated with real estate news. If you are looking to move to Steamboat Springs, CO or are already lucky enough to live here and want to upgrade your current home, then you are in for some good news when it comes to Steamboat Springs, CO real estate.

According to, there are currently 487 homes for sale in Steamboat Springs, Colorado real estate market with a median listing price of $559,000, or roughly $345 per square foot.

Steamboat Springs, CO Real Estate- Past 3 Years At-A-Glance

Steamboat Springs’ real estate saw median listing prices hovering around $500,000 in 2015 before dipping down to the $400,000 median listing price range in 2016. By 2017, the Steamboat Springs real estate market was on the rebound when the median listing prices for homes began to climb up again. By the end of 2017, those prices for Steamboat Springs, CO real estate were still trending upwards of the $600,000 marker or higher.

Looking Ahead In 2018-Steamboat Springs, CO Real Estate

Looking ahead towards the coming years and the next 3-year forecast for Steamboat Springs, CO real estate, there are many good things happening that are indicative of a strong local economy, stable real estate market, and growth such as: new construction projects and real estate developments sprinkled throughout town.

On the west end of town smaller, more affordable condos are great starter homes for growing families, couples, or singles. At the base of the mountain there are the Flat Tops which are $1-$1.5 million custom homes. Currently 7 of these custom homes have already been built and there is room for 14 more. Centrally located halfway between the mountain and downtown, off of Hilltop Parkway, there are modern townhomes designed for families in the $600,000 price range.

This wide variety of new Steamboat Springs, CO real estate options, at various price points, demonstrates that the Steamboat Springs real estate market is expanding and growing, and keeping pace with the economic demands of Steamboat Springs’ increasing population. Find your home in Steamboat Springs Colorado real estate market today.